Saturday, 8 October 2011

Today I made...

Stamped pendants.*
Remember the Sculpey clay from a few weeks ago? I finally got to play with it last week. Apart from using this type of clay to make handprints of Mr W's hands when he was a baby, I have never clay played.

One thing I realised was it is really (I mean really) hard to get to a workable texture if it is a bit old. I think I may have bruised my palms trying to get it to squish together. Another thing is that it takes longer to bake than you'd think. I had a few misfires along the way.

I have discovered that using a special conditioner helps get the clay back to a more workable texture. I think I'll invest in some for next time. My Mum wants one of these made with a silver butterfly. The blue/white combination makes it looks a bit like a piece of delft pottery.

I am having a bit of fun with these and learning as I go along. I also made some really nice pendants with black butterfly scene (larger) and a deep orange blossom scene (smaller) which I strung together for a friends birthday a few weeks ago. I didn't get a photo but I think they looked really cool.

* Small correction... this post has been sitting as a unfinished draft for a few weeks (since 30/8/11) as I couldn't make time to take the pictures.

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