Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A dozen flowers... 3rd of the bunch

A Rose Garden. These ones are outlined with a contrast colour to separate the petals. I think with the difference in tone I used to stitch these the outline wasn't really necessary, but I do like it.

I like how much more round rose on the S10 looks compared to the C10 version.

Sometimes I write about how the colours I choose don't work out quite 'right'.  I think the rose on the sample ball is an example of this. Although now I have seen it for a while it is growing on me (a bit). Joan Z has just started her own blog, and in her second post she has let us into her mind to understand the creative process of how she produces her gorgeous temari. I recommend you visit her blog if you haven't already and read how she gets her colours to work out every time.

Next time I'll show you a variation on this rose theme and the obi on the S10 ball.

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  1. I really like the rose gardens, one of my all time faves!