Saturday, 29 October 2011

Meet Pip, Pop and Peep

Twenty one days ago we purchased four fertilised eggs for our broody hen. Yesterday was hatch day. Sadly one egg was found flicked out of the nest during the dark hours of Thursday/Friday and when we found it the egg was already cold and the chick (which was fully formed inside the shell) had no chance of survival. Happily however, we have three cute balls of yellow fluff which Mr W has dubbed Pip, Pop and Peep. The reason for the name selection is because they pip at the shells before hatching and then when it is time they pop out into the world, then they begin to make cute peeping sounds.

Want to see a picture? Or maybe two!

Toetoe's Chickies, They are French Wheaton Marans.
Boy it's hard to get some grub when everyone is standing in the bowl!
Now we just need to hope that one is a girl and that we can twist DH's arm to keep one. Please please puuuuurrrrrlllleeeeaaaasssseee.... [batting eyelids and pulling our most angelic looking faces]

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