Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Day tripping to Bunbury

Mr W just needs to push a little harder to knock over the light house.
We took a trip to Bunbury last week. I went on my own about a month ago, the weather was awful and I never did any exploring when I got there. This time with my little driving buddy to keep me company (and some nicer weather) we had a great time.

Having a little rest after climbing the tower of  'terror'.
My legs are still aching a bit after climbing the lookout. A testament to how unfit I have become over the winter. The pic of Mr W at the start of this post was taken from the tower.

I took this picture from the top of the tower. Can you see the top right circle? That is our X-trail. The lower red circle is Mr W waving to me. And if I zoom in....

...there he is!

We had a pretty cool day. We went to target and he purchased a lego model which we built while eating our lunch.

Remember in my last post about the new Forrest Hwy I said how boring it was? Well this time a local insurance company (RACWA) with help from the Brand Agency advertising firm has done something to entertain you along the way.
I love it!!! Immediately Mr W began singing 'magical food' from Ice Age... if you have kids/grandkids you probably saw this scene.

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  1. Love it!!! Really ought to be on some stretches of highway here as well. I have a bunch of turkey vultures living in a tree near my house that look almost like these guys.