Sunday, 9 October 2011

Perth Royal Show 2011

On Saturday  1/10/11 we had a day at the Royal Agricultural Show (RAS) in Perth. We took Mr W last year and had no intention to go again this year but the government has sponsored kids under 12 free entry (due to them delaying the usual public holiday that falls on the Monday during show week), it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Last year we did all the things the boys wanted and this year we got to do many of the things I missed out on last year. Namely the cake decorating and crafts displays. Also we had a big interest in the poultry (now that we have our own chooks). Mr W spent ages at the Scouting and defence forces displays.

Here he is in a huge tank. He also spent ages in the night vision tent and has a good go at the exhibition guns that were on display. His dad (who is ex-military) showed him how to switch a gigantic gun from single fire to automatic fire and all about it how to sight it etc. I felt nervous just standing near by... I am glad that the artillery they had hanging out the side was just for show.

The boys also went on the chairlift which crosses the show-ground end to end. It was my favourite ride as a child and we would count the number of lost thongs* and show-bags on all the pavilion roofs as we travelled along. (I must note I did grow up in the 70's and they were simpler times) I walked along underneath the chairlift, which was good excerise and helped me make some calorie room for the basket of hot spiral chips we ate for afternoon tea.

I'll add another post with some more pictures later.

*Thongs: In Australia thongs are a rubber apparel item for the feet not a type of underwear that lodges in your butt. No offence to anyone who prefers to wear that type of underwear but I spend most of my life trying to avoid my knickers going like that :) Also while most Aussies own at least 1 pair of thongs, in recent years many of us prefer to not be seen wearing them... maybe we are finally becoming a little more style conscious as a nation.


  1. I am a Nebraskan in the US and still catch myself calling them thongs. My grown daughters just giggle when they hear me and the grandchildren don't even know that I mean foot wear. Why does the meaning of words have to change as it keeps the older generation paying attention so we don't goof up.

  2. What a hoot!! I'm with you on the floss underwear, don't understand it at all!?!