Friday, 21 October 2011

A dozen flowers... 4th of the bunch

Here is the next flower in the series. It is another type of rose. This one has more petals (it is stitched on more marking lines) which spiral around the centre.  I added French knots to the centre instead of having the usual pentagon stitching there. I like how much more raised off the base this design is. There are so many layers of stitching is ends up with a slight dome and feels quite textured.

The last picture is the Obi which separates the two roses.

This one is stitched in the merry-go-round style (Jyouge Douji) but done with plain old Chidori Kagari stitching then a keeper stitch tacks all the little bundles together.

It has suddenly dawned on me that the last few temari I've made have all had the marking lines removed after the stitching was completed. This means my usual metallic bling is missing... and I didn't even miss it while I was stitching... so could this mean my addition to metallic threads is finally broken? Probably not.

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