Sunday, 30 October 2011

A dozen flowers... 12th of the bunch

Peach Blossom variation. This one is almost identical to the last flower. Can you spot the difference? 

Did you guess the pentagon is over the flower shape instead of underneath? The previous flower had the pentagon tucked under the Kiku area.

I still haven't managed to perfect the French Knots but I still live in hope.

I really love the S10 colour selection again but I think it works much better having the white as an accent colour rather than the main colour.

The obi is created by stitching wide wedged Uwagake Chidori around the equator. I alternated a row from the North then from the South.

I've finally finished stitching the pentagon outlines for my new version of these flowers on a big C10. This time I am using Sakasa Uwagake... right now it looks like a white and green soccer ball. Hope that the flowers fix that once they're all stitched on.

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