Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Perth Royal Show 2011: Part 3 - The Finale

I did take a lot of photos at the show, and I so enjoyed the pavilions with all their interesting displays.

I really loved the floral and cake decorating areas. I couldn't take pics in the cake area because when I went through the crowd was rather tightly packed in (think Crocodile Dundee at the subway) and there was just no stopping or moving against the herd.
Here are some of the photos from the floral displays. There were two category sections. Ladies Day at the (horse) races. The spring racing carnival is just about to begin here in Australia so this is a timely theme.

What does the left one remind you of? My Fair Lady? The hat is amazing! Such a classic beautiful look and I could instantly see Audrey Hepburn in my minds eye when I saw this display.

The right photo is also part of the racing day display but it is more of a modern and stylised interpretation. I thought it was so cool as a representation of Fashions on the Field which is a tradition on Ladies Days at the races.

The other category was floral arrangements inspired by paintings. What do you think the first one might be?

Did you get Ballerina? I did, and that was before I realised the theme was painted canvas in flowers... or saw the print at the base of the stand. The next photo is what made me realise the theme (yes I am oblivious to the obvious most of the time). I looked at it and thought 'hey that looks like a monet' then I saw the print at the base of the display and then the penny dropped.

The last photo I planned to share was one with Japanese fans represented with flowers... but something happened to the image and it didn't work out so lets take one last look at the hat from the first photo.

Makes me want to recite: 'The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain' with a pebble in my mouth.
 Well that is the wrap up of the 2011 Perth RAS.

If you follow my blog you may have seen two posts about a dozen flowers... sorry to tease you but these are some posts coming up which are currently saved in my drafts (I accidentally hit the post button instead of save). Rest assured they will be posted over the next few weeks and they are all temari I have been working on recently.

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