Sunday, 23 October 2011

A dozen flowers... 5th of the bunch

Striped Star Flower. I am sure there is a name for this flower but I don't know it. I like it but I prefer the switch up I did of this design which I will show in the next post.

I am getting a real appreciation for how different the designs look on the C10 face and S10. I don't usually stitch a design on two different divisions at the same time so I am finding it very interesting. I think this is an example of a design I prefer on the C10 where the open areas are more obvious and the final shape doesn't get lost with the curvature of the temari.

I'll show the Obi in my next post.


  1. If I may - what is the size mari on each, are they the same?

    It is cool to see them side by side!

  2. H Laura,

    The C10 is 34cm (Stitched with Perle 8) and the S10's are all 22cm (stitched with Perle 5)

    I'm glad you like the recent posts I've made.