Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A dozen flowers... 8th of the bunch

Here is the next flower in my sampler set. This is Mr W's flower. Can you tell why?

I think I prefer the look of this one on the C10 where you can see it on a more flattened surface.

The Obi on this one is just a set of 10 diamonds stitched over each other. I had planned to interlock them but I lost my way while watching a good movie. I do like the effect of larger diamonds encased in a row of smaller ones.

I am surprised but there is still no hankering to keep the marking lines on the ball. I can remember the days when I would never dream of taking off the marking lines for fear that the entire design would melt off the surface.

I like the circle centres on the C10 more than the S10. I had stitched on every line (20) on the C10 but I had used a darker marking thread on the S10 which made it impossible to see for such fine stitching (even with my work lamp blazing away).

PS. I can still hear Mario-kart theme music when I look at this pattern.

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  1. I like this one, but I think I like it better on the simple division. wonderfully colorful!