Monday, 10 October 2011

Perth Royal Show 2011: Part 2

I live in a very big state and the local community display pavilion showcases all the differences between the districts of WA.

Working from the top of the state down here is the display for the Kimberly/Pilbara area. Click on the pictures to see more detail. In this area there are loads of mines. Iron ore, pearls and diamonds all come from this area. The Ord river offers a veritable bounty of food. There is a strong aboriginal culture in these areas and you can see some of the implements they use near the rock formation  in the photo. See the croc skin and bones? There are lots of salties and freshwater crocs in the top end of our state.
Above is a picture of the Great Southern districts. Another great diversity of produce is grown in these communities. The area includes Albany, Esperance and Denmark. The display was so big I couldn't fit it into a single photo.I think the display of grains is awesome, I never realised how many types of grain is grown right here in my own home state. So many types of wood too, Jarrah, Marri and Karri. Also there is a wide variety of wool and fresh produce raised in these areas. Did you notice the wine and all the varieties of eggs?

A little closer to Perth is the South West district which is featured in the next two pics. Or as we say 'Souwest'. Another wonderful area which includes Donnybrook, Harvey and Margaret River. Here they grow the best apples and oranges in the world! There are also many dairy farms and that means lots of cheese and yoghurt too. I loved the spinning apple display and I saw a new variety of apples (Kanzi) on show, I can't wait to try them.

Second last is the Wheatbelt district. Can you guess what they grow? Yep that's right wheat! But that's not all, there is also some mining and sheep farming. I like how the various grains were displayed here because they look like fields (just how you'd see it from the air flying over it). This area is full of very large farms (and as far as I know not too much else) I imagine life in this area is pretty tough and quite lonely too.

Last of all in the Goldfields display. Kalgoorlie/Boulder and Coolagrdie are the main areas in this district. Take a look at all that sparkly stuff!!! I think of gold, pubs, miners and brothels when I think of Kal (Kalgoorlie)! It has a pretty colourful history since the late 1800's.

I really loved a solid gold encased USB stick that was on display... so did everyone else... I didn't get close enough to take a photo. I think it might be time to take Mr W out to Kal to brush up on the history of Paddy Hannan (a gold rush icon) and CY O'Connor (a man that laid a water pipeline linking Perth to Kalgoorlie).

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