Friday, 23 September 2011


Today was Mr W's school faction carnival. We have had dreary weather all week but today was heavenly. Not too hot and just the right amount of sunshine.

The kids are all allowed to dress in their faction colours and even do weird things to their hair and faces. Today Mr W requested a red mohawk. Here's a pic... note the lack of smile - apparently you can't smile if you have a mohawk!

Yep, glad I didn't decide to got into a career in hairdressing (so is everyone else I am guessing). I just hope we can get all the red out of his beautiful hair tonight when he washes it. My Mum always told my brother 'do what every you want with your hair but don't come home with a tattoo'*... I think I'll be happy to have the same rule for Mr W. If you hate your hair you can cut it off and it will grow out nicely again, but if you regret your tattoo you're stuck with it.

Anyway back to the sport carnival. Mr W's team won for the first time since 1996. Blue faction had won almost every year since then. Go Red!!!

*In less than a week during his teens my brother had a long style then it was yellow, then it changed to purple and then it had a shaved undercut and then cut shorter with tracks shaved into it. I think it might have been the following week (or sometime very soon after this) that he talked Mum into rubbing wax into his hair for dreadlocks. He never ever got a tattoo though.

Gosh I don't relish the prospect of my boy with dreads... and what would that look like anyway????

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  1. My oldest daughter had the most beautiful long curly hair once. You know, the kind of curls women pay lots of money for that only biracial children seem to come by naturally. Then she turned her beauteous head of curls into dreads. She was still beautiful, but I still mourn the curls!!