Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm still here

Just being a little quiet. We've had lots going on lately, but this week has been quiet because I caught a cold. I've spend the last few days doing as little as possible apart from blowing my nose, using my asthma medication or stuffing my face with headache tablets and hot honey and lemon drinks. I am glad I squeezed all those lemons a few weeks ago because now all I need to do is pop a ice cube  of juice into a mug add the honey and pour over the hot water... it's even easier if I batter my eyelids and cough as my DH will make it for me. He is such a darling!

I must admit I have felt a bit sorry for myself, but I do keep reminding myself how truly lucky I am despite the inconvenience of feeling a bit off. This month has been filled with milestones and reminders of how lucky life in my small corner of the world is and has always been.

Since my last post I have been working on my temari patterns for the October weekend workshop. This week I've been typing up my handwritten notes... I think I'll wait until my head clears to draw the diagrams. Goodness knows how diagrams would turn out otherwise.

Today I'm feeling a bit better so I just made cheese scones from Jamie Oliver's website for lunch. I Changed up the recipe a bit, substituting some Parmesan for cheddar, and powdered chicken stock for salt. I also added some Cajun spice mix. Mine turned out great (even though I forgot to brush the tops with milk before I baked them) they were really golden coloured, tall and flaky on the outside but soft in the middle. We ate them with Vegemite spread all over them. Yum!
Vegemite, I think Aussies are born with a predisposition for the love of this stuff, we also take a tiny bit of pride (or maybe sick pleasure) in the fact that, with very few exceptions, people from other parts of the world absolutely dislike it in almost every way. I think it is a bit like Natto for Japan. My niece loves loves loves Natto and while it has taken me nearly 3 years, I now no longer gag when I smell it... I still can't bring myself to eat it.

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