Friday, 9 September 2011

Oops I did it again!!!

well almost! Lucky for me I remembered before DH did!

Today is our wedding anniversary. We have only been married 5 years so I am more used to thinking of the day we met (back in July 1995) as our anniversary. I can't really believe that we have been together for 16 years now, I know it isn't really very long in the broad scheme of things, but in these times of disposable marriages I guess it is an achievement.

I read that wood is the traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary so I purchased a lovely locally made wooden box. It is made of Sheoak wood which is native to the southern corner of Western Australia (like me). It has a really lovely marble type of grain and is a much lighter and more golden colour than Marri or Jarrah (both also WA native trees). I filled the box with his favourite snack and I'll give it to him this evening.

No romantic dinners for us this evening though, Mr W chose home-made pizza for dinner tonight - but that is always a fun family activity. I better make a list of what we need from the store.

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