Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Last Weekend

On Saturday I spent the entire day cooking in my tiny kitchen. In the evening we went to Scitech (a technology and science themed entertainment venue). We got a family pass which meant we could take along one of Mr W's friends. It was really fun they had chickens hatching out of eggs in one area (I knew the answers to all the questions asked at this display thanks to all the research done from keeping our own chickens) lots of different experiment areas including water, gravity, electrical to name but a few. We saw a cool show where they used a Tesla coil to generate electricity and tried to make a composite identikit  image of a 'criminal' being described by a 'victim'.

Sunday was Fathers' day. Mr W had an early 9am soccer match so the boys headed out to that while I stayed home and iced the cakes I'd made the previous day.

We usually give homemade gifts (of the foodie variety) for Father's day and flowers (or something handmade) for Mothers' day. These days retailers are so busy pushing their wares on us that many families have forgotten that these special days are actually days to recognise and give thanks to your parents for all the care and support they have provided (and still do once were grown adults). I don't know that a new car, dishwasher, jet ski or any other high priced consumer item says you love your parent more than a simple gift made and given with thought and love. Anyhow getting off my soapbox about that now...

So this is the list of what I made (with minor assistance from Mr W) for both my Step-dad and DH.
Caramel Popcorn
Coconut Rough
Speculaas Butter Cookies
Lemon Butter

We had a family lunch on Sunday to celebrate Fathers' day and also two birthdays. (Miho's and John's - our Step-dad). I was in charge of dessert - no great surprise right? So I made chocolate cupcakes for the kids and Hummingbird, and Lemon cakes (which I also used some of the batter to make cupcakes.) I also made the cutest mini lemon meringue and chestnut filled tarts. The little lemon tarts were so cute, but I forgot to take a photo of them before they were all gobbled up.

We had such a great day together, the kids children wandered down the road to look at the baby goats kids, the boys all took turns playing wii and Miss D showed us her inner ninja by kicking butt on Swordplay Showdown... she isn't even 4 yet but plays better than me. We were all exhausted by the end of the day... too much food and fun crammed onto the weekend.

Sunday was also one of my best friend's birthday. I had to miss the afternoon tea she had to celebrate it, but we will be catching up for a lunch-date sometime this week.

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