Thursday, 8 September 2011

A busy day

Today was a very busy (but awesome) day.

I took Mr W to school, listened to all this classmates reading, then zoomed back home to get ready for a one-on-one refresher temari class. Between 10 and 12 we played with temari, working on refining basic marking skills before venturing into marking a C10 then a quick demo on a take home C10 project. It was totally fun to have a session just focusing on temari with one student.

At 12pm I tore out of the house heading for the city to enjoy a birthday lunch with my bestie Louise. I gave her two handmade pendants, some perfume and a set of stacking retro (but funky coloured) mixing bowls.

I had planned to catch a train into the city but after driving around the station parking lot for more than 10 minutes I gave up and drove instead. I don't mind driving into Perth (except that every time I do the Council has changed the direction of traffic flow on yet another street) and I really dislike paying for parking there. I don't know what they charge in your city, but today I paid $12 for just under 2 hours. I am getting old (obviously) because I am getting to the point in my life when now regularly say "I can remember a time when..." and in this case the sentence ends with ... I parked for the entire day in that same parking garage for less than $12.

While I was waiting (I am a habitually early to arrive) I got to do some people watching. I love doing this, and I even make up stories to amuse myself based on what I observe. There were so many different types of people in the city today: people of all colours, nationalities and walks of life, people with silly things printed on their t-shirts, people listening with amusement to foul mouthed messages on their phone, people with armfuls of shopping bags, some with suitcases, others rotating maps while looking for street signs and even one man with a plush R2D2 backpack. It is really interesting and nice to see our once boring grey city becoming more vibrant through diversity.

Lunch was awesome, we ate at a small upstairs cafe and our table was on the balcony so we got to see and hear the street below. We had a really good catch up, shared all our new stories, lots of laughs and shared a great meal too. I had squid for the first time ever.

On the way back home my Mum called asking if I was very far away because she was locked out of my house (in our family everyone has keys to each others homes and can just let ourselves into each house whenever we need to - but DH and I changed a broken lock and I forgot to cut new keys for everyone) luckily I was just a few minutes away. We made a quick cup of tea before school pick up time and then when Mr W came home we walked up to the corner store for an ice cream. Before we knew it the time came to make dinner, delicious steak and vegetables followed by a custard dessert. Mum and Mr W played Monopoly while I made dinner. DH and I also started playing but then he got a phone call so Mr W made an executive decision and split all of his Dad's money between the three of us... then I started dinner and they shared out my assets and continued playing. Mr W had a dubious victory... we are all very certain he did more than a little cheating.

I was worn out by the time I fell into bed just before midnight.

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