Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Day... Happy Birthday

The first day of May calls for celebrations in our family because it is our Mother's (Suzanne) birthday! Actually May is a fairly busy time as there is also Mother's Day on the second Sunday and my DH's birthday along with several other birthdays of good friends to be celebrated this month.

Today we are taking a movable feast to my Mum's house for her birthday. Miho and I are organising everything... even setting the table when I arrive so Mum doesn't need to do anything. All yesterday I'd been cooking and I've made Banana and Caramel cupcakes and Hummingbird birthday cake too. I've even made my own dried coconut flakes to decorate the top. Also in the last week I've made new Tomato Spaghetti Sauce and Cherry with Blueberry Jam... which I am sharing out with everyone.

I made part of the birthday gift this year, some ottoman covers to match the cushions in Mum and John's lounge room. I'm so relieved they fit, and there is even a little room for shrinkage when they are washed!!!

PS The Hummingbird cake was very delicious, I've added it to my family's recipe book... several unnamed persons had 2 slices each... and they are the thinnest people in our family.

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  1. A lovely table setting, all sounds yummy! Best wishes to your Mum with hope for many more happy and healthy birthdays.