Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I got my licence and a surprise

Yesterday a parcel from Barb arrived which contained the goodies for the upcoming Blue Stars class that Shirley and I are taking. (If you are interested I believe there are still 2 kits left click the link)

I am amazed that everything fit into the box. I carefully unpacked my goodies and returned Shirley's goodies back into the box so she could collect them today. Then I went through all my things to check off that everything was there - of course everything was because Barb is very clever like that. I was very glad to get a new V ruler because I just snapped a leg on my old one (which is of course taped up... like the other leg was six months ago). I had to chuckle because on the back of the V ruler ready reckoner there is a North Carolina Divider's Licence complete with a date of issue and everything. I realise I have been illegally dividing for more than a year now!! I'm glad to be legal in North Carolina at least... I wonder does that mean I need an International Divider's Licence?

Also in the parcel was a small envelope with my new JTA member card and some recent newsletters. What a treat to get the newsletters! Not that I can read any more than 30 (of the 5000+) Japanese Kanji characters, but I can see the wonderful pictures and  make out some of the text. I got a big surprise to see some ladies from Australia in the pictures in Newsletter No50, 2010. Some of these ladies have been to workshops with me here in Perth.

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  1. Sorry, Rebecca. I don't have the authority to issue an international divider's license. You'll just have to come and divide with me here in North Carolina to be legal!