Friday, 20 May 2011

Harmony/Cultural day

Today is Harmony day at Mr W's school. All the children have been asked to dress in special clothing and to bring a plate of food that represents a country from their own heritage. That gives our family a very broad scope of possibilities, DH is part Dutch and Spanish. I have Scottish, English, and reportedly Prussian along with several other things too, but we have lived in Australia for 5 generations. My Mum's step dad was Australian Aboriginal and we also have a Japanese influence in our family with Miho, Miss D and Mr M.

I discounted my Scottish heritage because I thought the teachers wouldn't be keen on the kids eating something smothered in whiskey and rolled in oats or smoked kippers, black pudding or haggis. For a quick moment I did think of Kangaroo tail soup... but I'd need to run down my own Kangaroo to make it and I've already crashed the car once this year. I didn't think paella would go down well witht he kids and I couldn't think of anything else Spanish... of course now I realise any small nibbles could have been labelled 'tapas'. There is already a Japanese boy in class so I am sure he will bring sushi (or something else Japanese) what a shame I could have made Chicken Karaage [drool]... so that left me with Dutch.

Dutch, Dutch, Dutch.... hmmm salted licorice? Rollmops? some Edam or Gouda cheese? or gourmetten? I had no idea what to make until I remembered something my DH has told me about over and over again. The very fond memories he has of his Dad making oliebollen when he was a kid. So that is what I made. Click the link to see a photo. They are kind of like a doughnut ball containing apple and sultanas that is dusted with powdered sugar after it is fried in oil.

Save it to say I had never tried (making or eating) these before but Mr W reviewed them after dinner tonight and gave them two thumbs up.

This has made me realise I really do need to broaden my culinary scope and make more dishes from our combined heritage. I think I am going to make speculaas biscuits sometime over the next few days. Yum! And I remembered I have some kippers stashed away in the freezer... mmm... Saturday breakfast!

Kippers for breakfast will probably not make for a harmonious Saturday morning meal... DH hates them, I love them. He will eat a jar of Rollmops while I have to leave the room to avoid throwing up... DH loves them I can't stand the thought of them. This is strange because they are both basically herring, one smoked the other pickled. We are both trying to turn Mr W to our ways of thinking... currently he thinks Kippers and Rollmops are best placed on the end of a hook to catch a decent fish which he would wrap in rice and seaweed then dip in sauce... so I guess sushi wins his vote.

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  1. I am not really down with Dutch Licorice but my wife absolutely loves it! She eats it by the bucketload.