Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I'm a third grader!

There are lots of temari things I could be doing right now: finishing off at least 5 UFOs, completing the wrapping on 11 half wrapped bases, choosing new patterns to work on, sorting out and packing away some older temari which give me room to make new projects...

Instead I've been wasting my precious temari stitching time over the last few days doing all sorts of other things: throwing out old clothes, fixing our ISP issues, feeding and watching the chooks, baking disaster biscuits, buying things from Japan... and playing on my DS, ahem... learning Japanese on my DS.

I haven't used this program for ages and when I came across it this week I decided to give it a go. On Monday I was a first grader and somehow (and as if by magic) tonight I have reached third grade. This still means that my 3 yo niece understands and speaks better Japanese than me but anyhow.

I'm not sure why I can recognise katakana but find it impossible to write. My mind usually goes completely blank when I try to speak too. So I must be one of those 'seen but not heard' old fashioned third graders. The program has just begun introducing Kanji this evening... and then promptly run out of batteries just as I was about to have a tantrum and decide it was all too hard. It's such good thing I don't know where the power cable is (to recharge it) so I will have to go back to making temari again... now that the DS distraction is taken care of.


  1. Wow. I didnt know you could get a Japanese 'learning' program. I have the Spanish one that I 'learn' from. Thanks for the inspiration - I'll have to find mine and recharge it too!!!