Tuesday, 31 May 2011

If Momma aint happy... she better just change her attitude

I changed the Avatar on my account this week, I needed a bit of cheery colour and the flowers are so nice.

Last week my laptop died an unholy death. Grrr the motherboard went kaput and they wanted $300 for a new one (plus labour I'm guessing). I was really more than a little grief stricken by this as I often surf the net in stereo, and it is handy to be able to count stock on the laptop and place my orders. I'll just have to wait to buy a new laptop and survive with the desktop instead.

Thankfully DH was able to get the guys at the computer store to remove the hard drive and place it into small casing which I can plug into the desktop computer via USB so I haven't lost anything (assuming I can navigate the weirdly named folders).

When I first discovered the laptop had 'crossed over' I felt like going through the house with burning herbs to smudge out the bad luck we seem to be having with things breaking or wearing out in this house. Now a few days later I realise that in the broad scheme of things this is only a very gentle sun shower, as they say into each life a little rain must fall. After a bit of a pep talk with myself I realised that I am still blessed, my family is safe, our tummy's are full, we have a roof over our heads and we live in a wonderful part of the world... everything else is gravy*. I will just add this to my growing list of things that need replacing/fixing and keep the herbs for cooking. Although I could still place two pillars of salt by the front door just to be on the safe side - Miho's suggestion to keep the bad luck away.

Hope you can find the silver lining no matter what today brings. Better yet... I hope your day is all gravy.

*From Wikipedia:
Gravy, and its perceived richness, have contributed to its use in several cultural contexts:Used as a descriptive noun, and synonymous to the word copacetic, gravy indicates that all is well. "Don't worry, we're gravy."The idiom "gravy train", used to refer to any lucrative endeavor.Also used as slang for extra benefits in the idiom "everything else is gravy."

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  1. Must be something in the air, my pc died and my notebook is on "permanent" loan to a college student, so I'm reloading a pc replacement. How fun new computers are, except when you need them for work and have to get the new one going really quick and get all the files you need off the old one. Thank goodness I back up (learned that lesson the hard way on more than one occasion).