Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Finally a thimble to share

I can't believe it took so long to finish this one (it was started on April 21st). I think I procrastinated on it because I wasn't enjoying the colour combination but it turned out nicely in the end - another reminder for me to keep an open mind. I've made this type of pattern several times but this one is slightly different as there are more repeats across the height of the thimble. I think I might make this one again in a single colour with the very last row in a contrasting thread to outline the diamond shapes... that might look cool.

I admit the finish on this one is not nice. The edges are a bit scallop shaped and I probably should have wrestled another row of gold stitching in but I really wanted to end on silver.

 I am really inspired by other people's yubinuki making lately. Have you visited the share your thimbles page at flickr  lately?Follow the link to see my most favourite one made by Beadturtle it really calls to me. I also love these recent additions by Chloe Patricia and Dorian E.

There are so many crafty things I want to do right now but I am feeling so sluggish from the cold (and not following my eating regime properly - I get achy and feel all my energy zapped if I don't eat right) so just want to stay nestled under my warm rug. I also have a little Nintendonitis* from hula hooping and ski jumping with Mr W on the Wii over the weekend. Even so I have caught up a bit on my Blue Stars homework. I think there might still be one kit left if anyone is interested in joining this class with Barb Suess. I am currently stitching week 3's instructions. Unfortunately the measure twice cut once lesson hasn't been learned well enough and I have placed stitching 0.25cm too far from the pole... grrrr but I am going to stick on and see what happens

I am also rolling instructions and patterns around in my head for the next 2 day workshop scheduled for August. 

Nintendonitis: Injury (in my case my left knee and right hip) cause by or after playing video games too much.

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