Friday, 10 June 2011

Click, click, click experiment fun

I am not such a fan of appearing in photos. I think my parents have many hundreds of images of me over the years sporting a variety of screwed up expressions and serious frowns. Why I hate being in front of the camera so much I don't really understand but I just always have.

Occasionally I realise that there are not too many photos of me around and I think maybe in future years there might be someone who was curious about what I looked like. Then I take a few random self portraits and stow them away.

Last weekend I did this and for a change there are some that are ok-ish. Surprising considering it was Sunday afternoon and I was windswept from the morning's soccer match and had no make-up on at all. I never set up the shots, actually I don't even look at the camera. While taking these (along with about 80 others which have since been deleted) I was watching television and Mr W playing his DS. There were loads of images of just one eye, my ear, the wall, the sofa etc but some of them turned out ok. I think.

Here are a series of shots taken across the room of Mr W. I didn't ask him to look at the camera, I didn't look at him either, just held the camera in his direction and clicked away. Notice the curtain?

I only took about 10 pictures in Mr W's direction, he is such a cute kid that his pictures always turn out great. Of course I would be totally biased, but then aren't all parents biased??

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  1. Yes about the bias, but it is certainly clear that your bias has basis in fact as Mr. W is a very handsome child.

    I'm like you about being in photos, which is why I'm the one with the camera, lol!

    Best wishes!