Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Temari is the drug

Today I spent a very boring 1.5 hour in the Doctors surgery with my husband.

I sat there waiting, waiting, waiting trying not to breathe in any of those infectious bugs all the patients (including my DH) was releasing into the air. I never read the books provided because I don't want to pass on any bugs to the next reader and I don't want to pick up any from the last readers either. I'm really not a germophobe, I just think it makes sense to take care especially at the beginning of cold and flu season.

I think I must have had regretful thoughts about deciding not to take my temari bag for at least 70 minutes. I know I was fidgety and uncomfortable looking, maybe other people thought I was there to see the Doctor about some type of drug replacement therapy.

To amuse myself I people watched and tried to diagnose each patient as they walked in... this is really only a fun game for two players and DH was just too sick to be interested in playing. I counted all the glass bricks in the front wall (there are 104) and also the number of down lights in the waiting room area (15). A Pharmaceutical Company Rep came in with several bags of morning tea from Miss Maudes. This made me wonder how big drug company marketing budgets must be if their Rep's could go around providing morning tea to all these Doctors. I don't go to the Doctor often but I can recall seeing 2 Reps bringing several silver platters of food into the surgery last time I was there. Of course that line of thought didn't last too long because I began thinking about Black Forrest, Lena cake and French Vanilla slice. Yum, yum and yum.

I also noticed a chart that advertised the locations around the globe where communicable diseases are most likely to be found (to ensure you have the required shots before you leave here). I was most surprised to find that there was a Japanese version of encephalitis, and that in Australia we have no real history/frequency of any of the 8 illnesses featured on the poster. Except for Rabies which denoted by the tiniest patch of pale yellow... I mentioned to DH that those must just be Aussie politicians who would account for all the domestic rabies cases, the lady next to me overheard what I'd said and nearly fell off her chair laughing. Whoops.

I have gone to this same surgery for years and all the ladies at the reception know my name. Today I discovered that without a Temari project in hand the receptionists can't recognise me at all. That is kind of cool and a bit secret squirrel. All I can conclude is that they must now think of me as 'Rebecca the Temari lady'.

When we got home DH started his antibiotics and I laid on the sofa to have a rest. I've 'slept' in the bottom bunk of our son's room (Mr W has had the top bunk... he is lighter and much less likely to break the ladder/bed and crush me in the night) for the last few nights to try to stay out of DH's sick room. I hadn't slept in a bunk bed since I a kid and shared a room with my little brother. I am looking forward to going back to my own bed because nothing is as comfortable as your own bed.

Hopefully I'll get some Temari making in tomorrow... I'll have to hide DH's bell first though ;-)

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