Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Another year older... but am I any wiser?

Short answer? No probably not. Long answer? Maybe, but it is too soon to tell for sure as my day was only on the 23rd. 

Last week I had my X9th birthday, it was a fairly subdued event. I don't like too much fuss and fanfare directed at me, I prefer to get excited about other people's birthdays. I am at the point where I've had enough birthdays to realise that reaching each additional one is an achievement (and a blessing) but not enough to wish I could begin counting backwards each year.

I did get some lovely pressies and my Mum and StepDad took all the family out for dinner to celebrate. Miho and Seth gave me some cute gifts from Zakka Box. There store motto is Nothing You Need But All You Want, I think that is really cute and a very honest sales pitch. Miho and I must pop in for a look... I bet it is full to the brim of gorgeous things I couldn't possibly go home without. ;) Here is a selection of all the little treats I received - also the rug (in the background) is a new one from my Mum.

I planned a girls day with my Mum for my birthday, we rarely get time just for the two of us to natter about everything and nothing at all and just enjoy each others company. Usually our time together is filled with the happy bustle of making kids snacks and giving foot rubs, tripping over toys, giving back tickles, painting very tiny finger nails, looking at ant bites,  and building cushion forts etc. Of course we both adore doing all those things too, but sometimes at the end of a visit we realise we never got time to say more than 4 words to each other amongst the happy hubub.

I arrived a bit earlier than expected because the traffic was so light. I let myself in with my key (as I always do) and found the house quiet and dark. I guessed Mum was having a well earned lie in (a rare indulgence for her as she is always so busy helping us all the time) so I quietly set about doing some of her chores. I hung out the washing, brought in and folded the dry washing, put away the ironing board, washed the few dishes in the sink and wiped down all the bench tops. Then I looked around for something else to do but there wasn't too much (quiet) left so I sat on the sofa and flipped through a few coffee table books. After about 20 minutes I was bored so I decided to unpack the dishwasher. I figured I couldn't do it without making some noise with the pots and pans and I didn't want to have a panicked mother calling 000 (911) to report me as an intruder so I used my mobile phone to call her house phone. When Mum answered I softly said good-morning and that I'd try to be quiet while I unpacked the dishwasher... to take her time getting up and I'd put the tea-kettle on in a little while.

We visited a book wholesaler together and I got Speedcleaning by Shannon Lush. I hate housework and cleaning, always have but I am hopeful with all the great strategies in this book I can't say I always will. I spent the day on Saturday testing out some of the ideas. I must say for the first time ever I actually felt like my bathrooms were clean when I finished cleaning them. I have been scouring ebay for some of the other books in this series.

I stretched my birthday to the weekend by indulging in some cooking. I made some more Raspberry Jam because believe it or not all that I had made last week was eaten or given away and I also stayed home from Mr W's soccer match which was held at Mandurah (a 2 hour round trip from our home ugh!) to cook up more tomato sauce for our pasta dishes. 

We had the first bottle of sauce with our dinner tonight... I hope it isn't too boastful to say it was absolutely delicious.

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