Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fingers Crossed

We had a huge thunderstorm storm on Friday during which we had 50 or 60mm of rainfall within about 30 minutes. The lightening was spectacular, it really ionised the air, nothing smells sweeter than the air after a good electrical storm. The weather girl on our news tonight said it had been a one in ten year event, but I think they have already forgotten about the big storm we had in March 2010 which was accompanied by massive hail storms and widespread flooding. We were lucky to avoid damage to our property but several people I know experienced various degrees of flooding in their homes or businesses.

We were heading out for dinner when the storm hit at 6pm and got stuck in a massive traffic jam because several of the northbound lanes on the Kwinana Freeway were a foot (30cm) deep in water. When we got further up North (we went to an Italian restaurant in Morley) we almost got stuck in a 60 metre long (and most likely deeper than a foot) puddle. Thank goodness for the X-Trail's extra undercarriage height, my little car would have drowned in that mass of water. Mr W did think it was awesome to drive along with water splashing so high up the sides of his window and over the bonnet. Luckily our WA ground has been so dry that most of the rainfall has quickly soaked right through our sandy soil. I hope the same can be said for the rest of the rainfall this week as BOM Perth has predicted rain storms and showers until Saturday with a big one due tomorrow morning. I am hopeful our luck will keep holding out.

The same can't be said for the poor folk of Nebraska I saw on the news tonight. It looks like your Northern Summer is following the destructive weather pattern experienced by our Eastern States of Australia during our last Summer. I just couldn't help but cry when the reporter said it was expected that this massive swathe of water is just going to continue engulfing community after community as it travels across the US. I am keeping your communities in my thoughts and prayers. 

Be safe where ever you find yourself today and if life has sent you a bushel of lemons this week try to keep positive and just go look for your lemonade recipe. 

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  1. As I am a Nebraskan I thank you for your concern. The snow in the Rocky Mountains was much greater this last winter and early spring so the snow melt has caused the Platte River to flood plus the heavy rains and snow in Wyoming have caused the Missouri river to flood and they expect it to stay high until September. I live away from the rivers but many people are going to loose everything... lots of farm ground is flooding too.