Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Today I made...

Lip Balm!!!
All this cost just $10.50 and 15 minutes of my time
After school drop off this morning I stopped at the local chemist to purchase a shower cap. My old one had a rip in it so I threw it out.

Long Hair + Winter + Shower = Head Colds + Sore Neck

I can not believe it was the fourth store I had visited looking for a new one. Don't people use these any more or are they so popular everyone has sold out? I must be old fashioned or really hip... you pick I don't really care both have their merits. 

Anyway... I thought about picking up a new lip balm at the counter when I paid. But then I thought I probably had all the stuff I needed at home because I had purchased a bunch lip balm containers, bases etc last year. So after 10 minutes of looking through my supplies I found all the things I needed and set up to make them.

I used a little bit of pink colourant and some vanilla flavour oil. In less than 10 minutes I had made more lip balm than I can possibly use in the next 3 years and I still have heaps of ingredients left over for another batch. 

The balm feels lovely on my lips too, yippee no dry winter lips.


  1. woah..thats great..can you teach me how to make your own lip balm?lol =D

  2. Lip balm is actually quite easy to make. You can google up tutorials on the net. You can visit this link for a cool recipe.