Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cooking Catastrophes

This week has been a bit slow. DH has been home from work all week being sick. I am fighting off a head cold that I think I may have picked up at the Dr's office on Monday... at the moment I am still winning.

I have done a few stitches into my Blue Stars Temari project this week, it is almost finished but I can't settle long enough to get much done.

I made some raspberry jam and preserved lemons on Thursday. Yesterday morning I picked up one jar of lemons to swish around the salty liquid (as per the instructions in the recipe) and to my horror the lid popped right off. Then the jar spun out of my hand and crashed into a jar of jam. Aaaaaarrrrrggggh!!! The lids on the large preserving jars I purchased this week are useless, completely and utterly useless. To prove it I had my dining chairs and table covered in a lemony brine and the floor covered in brine, glass and my precious raspberry jam. I could have cried.

DH was feeling a little better in the afternoon yesterday so he made some preserved limes and pickled beetroot using produce from our own garden.

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