Monday, 6 June 2011

It's new, it's blue and very tasty too...

Our little black Araucana Chicken (Vegemite) has laid her first eggs this week. How exciting! We have long wondered what colour the eggs would be and it turns out they are a nice greenish blue colour.

And ever so slightly covered in poop and straw. Now is has turned so cold they are staying longer in their nesting box to stay warm which means we need to ramp up the cleaning regime. I am hoping to find something to put around the outer perimeter of the coop to help it stay warmer in the yard. Our Isa Brown's egg is on the left and Vegemite's egg is on the right.

You might ask what does a blue egg taste like? The answer is pretty much the same as any other... and yes the yolk is still yellow and the white is still white.

Also I lost a $5 bet with Mr W. He correctly backed Vegemite for the next to start laying. I had backed Andie... who is now looking like more of a rooster than a hen, but isn't crowing or strutting so maybe it is a hen because Seth and Miho's just began laying and looks very similarly butch.

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