Friday, 6 May 2011

I made room... and here comes more stuff

My Mum always says you need to make room for good things to come into your life (maybe she pinched it from Oprah but it seems to ring true).

Today I went to see my cute niece and nephew with boxes and boxes of Mr W's old clothes. The boxes filled the entire boot area of our X-trail. Miho made the most delicious soup for lunch. Miss D and I had a great play outside because it was a great sunny day. When Mr M woke up from his nap we started going through all the boxes. There were so many things inside the boxes (8 years of clothes that I never had the heart to throw out). Miss D really enjoyed going through everything, she tried on a much-too-small Winnie the Poo outfit, a much-too-big spider man costume, and a police tee shirt, but settled on a multicoloured - mostly purple - tie dyed star tee shirt that I purchased at the Courthouse Markets in Broome many years ago.

Miho has a whole heap of clothes to share around between the kids (including the one which will arrive in July) but first she has a huge pile of washing to do to get them all ready to wear again because they have been stored in cardboard boxes in the garage and shed for quite a few years. I'm really glad these clothes will be happy with new wearers to enjoy them.

I've always got something coming from far, far away, but I was not stalking the postman today and he must have sensed this because when I returned home there were a bunch of parcels waiting for me. It was good that DH was at home making lemon and lime marmalade today so he could collect the boxes from the mailman.

Today I got Amigurumi eyes, Nordic Gold threads, and temari books.

After I cooked dinner and made dessert (frog balls custard - what Mr W calls those large coloured pearl tapioca balls in custard... the boys love this, but I'm not too keen on it) I sat down an looked through the books. There are 3 second hand books and 1 new book, they are gorgeous. I must publicly say a big thank you to Chloe Patricia for organising the books (which I'd found on Amazon Japan but could not get shipped directly to me). Thank you, thank you, thank you because without your very kind help I would never have the opportunity to own these books. I haven't looked at the eyes yet, and I put all the threads away to use later on.

What a busy day!

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