Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Last Thursday's craft day

Last Thursday we planned a craft day at Mum's house. I got there a little later than I expected, I had a rush order to post, some cheques to bank, an empty fuel tank to fill up, and had to pick up some snacks from the store too. So I arrived by about 10:15am.

I took my temari ball from the Blue Stars class, and a yubinuki project and some kanzashi flowers but I didn't get much done. Instead I made pillow and rug cubbies for Miss D and her little mate Mr B. Then I tried to entertain Mr M who was a bit out of sorts and grizzly... he is still not too sure of me so I tried to win him over with some lactose free chocolate chip cookies I found at the grocery store, I think they worked because he gave me two big kisses.

After that I did begin stitching on my Yubinuki... I completed almost one entire round. Then I decided to help Miho unpick the elastic on 4 pyjama pants for Mr M, they were Mr W's many years ago. The fabric was in perfect condition but the elastic was stretched out so for $2 worth of elastic and an hour or so of unpicking and sewing in the new elastic they are perfect again.

We had a lovely lunch, Mum made a tasty noodle soup, I took olive sour dough bread, and Joanne brought along a delicious vegetable pasta bake. We all chatted about all sorts of things and had a lovely day while the kids played games.

Before I knew it the clock said 2pm and I had to get moving so I could reach Mr W's school before 3pm. I just made it with 5 minutes to spare.

Today is Wednesday. I still haven't picked up any of these projects because I've been too busy. Today I will bake so DH can put on morning tea at work tomorrow. I am thinking... nut tarts, hummingbird cupcakes and baked cheesecake. That should keep me busy today. Also today I am making his birthday cake (the reason he needs to take morning tea). He wants raspberry ice-cream cake... I just hope I can get the ice-cream to melt today because it is so cold here. Also I need to investigate a dairy free alternative for Mr M. I am thinking something with coconut milk?? Any ideas?

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  1. Hey Rebecca, I saw something wehre they made a type of icecream from frozen rice milk. You could flavour it with berries or banana maybe?
    If he can have dairy - but not lactose - there are a couple of lactose free milks too that you could try.