Saturday, 28 May 2011

Birthday Dinner(s)

**** I've just switched to Google Chrome from IE as my browser, blogger was not working for me for the last 3 days, I have to learn everything again GC is the exact opposite of IE, I hope this change doesn't affect the blog. If it does I am sorry, I will keep working to get everything shipshape again****

Now onto today's post!

We had a family dinner for DH's birthday tonight. Honestly, this year he is drawing it out... He started celebrating on Thursday with morning tea at his office, we had his best pal over for a big Japanese dinner last night for home made chicken karaage with green onion karaage sauce, miso soup, umeboshi, home made pickled ginger and vegetables. I also made a dessert but we were too stuffed with food to eat it. I am sure DH plans to keep celebrating tomorrow and possibly Monday too.

Here is the menu from tonight's dinner
Soup Course:  Fresh Tomato and Red Pepper, with Sour Cream or Philly Cheese and Basil Pesto, Olive Sour Dough Bread with Butter 

Main Course: Roast Lamb with Honey and Rosemary Glaze and Gravy
Foil Baked Potatoes
Cauliflower Cheese 
Garlic and Butter 'Baby Cabbages' - that would be brussel sprouts to the you and me
Steamed Carrot and Broccoli

Dessert/Birthday Cake: Raspberry and Meringue Vanilla Ice-cream Cake
Soy Vanilla Yogurt and Raspberry Cake

Each course had a variation for Mr M so we could all enjoy our meal together. Again it was all so good we all over ate a little.

Our house is tiny so to fit everyone in at the table we had to move some furniture around and set up a trestle to extend our dining table. It was so nice to have everyone together, but boy am I tired. I think we will have left over tomorrow (maybe reworked into a frittata). 

Tomorrow will be soccer and cleaning, but I am very hopeful that by Monday I can be crafting again. I will be completing my thimble and then I'll begin the week 2 part of my Blue Stars class. Yes Barb this is why I have been very quietly hiding in the corner kicking dust bunnies... I do feel naughty falling behind, but I will catch up this week.

Right now I need to sleep (I hope DH has put the electric blanket on)... breakfast in only 7 hours away.

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