Monday, 2 May 2011

My Devilish Angel

This week I made Mr W a new beanie hat. It's getting rather chilly these days (now was I not complaining about the heat just a few weeks ago - how soon we forget) and I've been sitting up late every night to crochet it while listening to the wonderful rain we've been getting. I finally finished it on Friday afternoon.

There are lots of really cute crochet patterns for little kids but my son is just a little too old to have a frog or penguin on his head (around his mates that is) so I decided to adapt a few pattern ideas I had seen to come up with this. He has already worn it a few times... yay... after all the effort I didn't want to see it sitting on his dresser.

This is my first hat and the first time I've stitched an entire project using HDC... I think I've got it in my muscle memory now and probably wont need to look up how to make this stitch again.

I've made 7 crochet projects now... when I spoke to my Grandmother today I forgot to tell her that I've been making crochet... I'm sure she will be amazed that I finally figured out how to do more than chain stitch - despite her trying to teach me for so many years.

Poppy B tried the beanie out on Sunday at the birthday party... still cute but maybe a little disturbing too... that is a big bottle of Olive Oil thankfully the safety seal was still on bottle or that could have been very messy.

I think I will end up making a hat for Miss D - she has requested blue, and possibly Mr M but I'm not sure if he will wear it and these are a big project so I'll see how it goes.

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