Friday, 20 May 2011

That saved a brain cell or two

Last night night while I was cooking dinner DH was looking at the light in Mr W's room. It had come away from the ceiling after being hit with a basketball (the one lesson I learned from watching the Brady Bunch as a kid... don't bounce balls in the house). Suddenly he gave out a great shout and then a few choice expletives. DH doesn't say bad words as a rule, and as I knew he was fiddling with the light socket I raced down there expecting the worst. I found him flicking his hands, as if he was trying to get rid of the electricity he had just been zapped with. I think it must have been an electrical short because the switch was off at the wall. Thank goodness he only got a small shock (probably like a taser) but the light is now going to be seen by a qualified electrician which is what I suggested in the first place.

Just an hour or so later, while I was washing the dishes, I asked Mr W to help out by moving all the sports drink bottles into the fridge. I asked him to put them all standing upright on the bottom shelf to save space. I'm not sure what happened in his mum-to-child translator but for some reason he decided to reorganise the entire fridge.

Several smashes, crashes and a big ooze later I turned around to see a flood of red coming from under the door. OMG what had happened??? He was very quiet and I raced to the laundry (where the second fridge is located) to find him standing in a growing pool of red and white wine two shattered wine bottles and two smashed bottles of pickles.

My first question was, are you wearing shoes? He was thankfully, so I asked him to carefully walk out past me then take his shoes off and go find some shoes for me. Several minutes later he returned with my favourite (now glass encrusted and thrown out) shoes and DH and I spent almost an hour cleaning up the mess. Of course he didn't get into trouble for it, I think the shock of what happened was enough... and that we had to throw out his new slippers because they were covered in wine and had shards of glass embedded into the sole.

This morning when we walked out to the car (via the laundry) I wondered why on Earth the room smelled like a musty old wine bar... then I remembered.

In other news it is teeming with rain today. We were expecting a large thunderstorm but it hasn't happened (yet). We had to drive to school this morning because we could barely see through the wind and rain. I still got soaked just going from the car to the classroom and back.

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  1. Ah the joys of raising boys. Know it well having done 3 myself. Step back and laugh, he'll be a grown man soon enough and you'll miss him being around breaking things!!

    Laura B