Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

All week I've said I would not watch the Royal Wedding of William and Kate... but here I am sitting in front of the telly and it's all about to start. My boys have gone to a soccer match and they will bring home pizza for dinner so I wont miss anything. I watched Diana and Charles' wedding so how could I miss this one?

Red, White and Blue
I'm Australian, of Scottish and English heritage (amongst many other things) and I'm not particularly a Royal watcher but when I was a young girl I adored Lady Diana and I remember when She and Charles visited Australia in 1983 soon after William was born, my Mum took us and the next door neighbour's kids out of school for a day and we went to wave our flags and see them in St Georges Terrace in the center of Perth*. I purchased a small posy which I was lucky enough to give and I got to shake Charles' hand. My brother can always say that, while his wife will always be his Queen, he has been kissed by a princess because Diana held his little face and kissed it ever so sweetly. Our family's only brush with Royalty but there you go I guess not too many people can say they were either kissed by or presented flowers to Diana or shaken the hand of Charles. I always thought she must have been really adored her own boys because she was just so sweet to my little brother. I cried a bucketful (at least) when Diana died, she would be so proud to see her first son married.
I hope this marriage will be a very happy one.

Signing off now, it is all about to start because... here comes the Bride.

* I think I've said it before but my Mum is magical and the most fantastic mother I could ever hope for. I don't think too many other kids were off school that day which is why we were so lucky to meet the Royal couple... and because my little brother was so cute too. What an awesome memory to have.

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