Friday, 29 April 2011

Luma Amigurumi

I've completed my third amigurumi project a few weeks ago but forgot to post it to the blog. Mr W really was so desperate for me to get it finished he asked his Dad to make dinner last night so I could finish it off... he also stayed up until 10pm so he could see it finished off. Talk about pressure! I couldn't get the little arms exactly the same despite pulling them apart and re-crocheting them several times... in the end I gave up and decided to be happy with their little wabi sabi selves.

Here is Luma next to the Mario Mushroom I made previously. I think that perhaps this crochet bit is good for me (even if I'm not good at it yet) because it seems to use different muscles to the ones used in temari and yubinuki stitching. In other words my wrists and forearms hurt after making this project.

1 comment:

  1. These are very cute!! I know what you mean about the muscle business. Having to do a bunch of computer work is getting in the way of my stitching any it is killing my little pinkie finger! And killing my mood, I'd really rather be stitching.