Friday, 8 April 2011

Here comes the Easter Bunny... hop... hop... hop...

I had been dreading the arrival of Easter for the last 12 months. My nephew cannot eat any dairy at all so we have been heading up a steep learning curve as he grows bigger trying to find ways to make sure he doesn't miss out on any of those special childhood treats like yummy birthday cakes, ice confections and chocolate at Easter etc...

Because Mr M is the first person in our family with any special dietary requirements we have never given this type of thing any thought before. Last Easter he was so only 4 months old so we didn't need to worry with chocolates at Easter but this year is a whole other story.  He knows about everything and wants a share of whatever his big sister and cousin are getting.

I scoured forums for a while and looked into this and that until I came across Sweet William Chocolates. I could feel my eyes well with tears when I discovered that indeed our Mr M could eat this chocolate because it is 100% dairy free (and it's also nut and gluten free too).

I picked up enough for Miss D and Mr W to have for their Easter baskets which Mr W and I will decorate to give to them. I also got some Sweet William chocolate chips so I can bake some cookies to add to the baskets... I've got some good non dairy margarine to use for cookie making.

If I can think of some cute Easter craft items suitable for all three kids I'll probably make them too... I'm just not sure if I can find anything more cute than the bunny hats I made last year.


    Mark & Debbie own this business...tell them that Gloria from Chicago sent you.

  2. Hi Gloria,
    Good tip for people who need to control their sugar intake... we should all do that I guess... Mr M's problem is he can't consume any lactose products... and this is a tougher ask for Chocolates as almost every brand has milk product in it.