Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mad Maniac Monday

Yesterday was just crazy! I got so much done in such a short period of time.

I took Mr W to school and did reading with his classmates and then tested few of them on their math until 9:30am.

Then I headed back home to collect the parcels to post. One prize pack for Gloria, one schoolbag for Fukushima to Japan and one postcard to a school in Tonga.

By 10am I was standing in the Brother dealership with my sewing machine to see why it was behaving so silly. I also purchased and adjustable guide arm to make it easier to make my own quilted fabric. A few experiments later and we decided it must have been just dodgy sewing thread so I popped the machine back into the car and headed off to swimming.

At 11am Mr W's class started swimming lessons at a nearby aquatic center. I sat with another mum who had her two kids taking lessons at the same time so we spent the hour cheering on all the kids we knew.

12pm arrived when I waved Mr W and the other children goodbye as the school bus left the pool and headed down the road to Spotlight (Aussie version of Joannes). I needed to give my sewing machine a proper test at home so I purchased some new material and 'good' thread to make another schoolbag for Japan. This time the bag was much easier to make.  This one was made with blue, white and yellow zigzag fabric on the outside and coordinating spotty fabric for the inside and the handle. I just need to pop on the name label and it is ready to post after school today. (The picture is just below.)

By 1pm I was gulping down some lunch and then measured and cut out the fabric for the new bag. I began quilting the layers together and then it was time for School pick up at 3pm.

Mr W had been assigned a project to complete about our garden so we took a bunch of photos and he wrote out the text, next it was time for Basketball.

5:30pm .The boys had a cracker of a match (this means they won - Mr W even scored a 3 pointer) Afterwards when we got home he chose and we cropped all the photos for his school project.

From 6pm we made and ate dinner, cleaned up and I went back to crafting after Mr W went to bed at 8:30pm.

Phew what a busy day!

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