Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ambulance Adventures

Yesterday we had two family members take trips to hospital in the back of ambulances. Our gorgeous mother took a slip in greasy patch at a petrol station while going into the store to pay for her fuel. She landed in a painful heap on the floor and but a nice young man was kind enough to call her an ambulance and then take care of her until it arrived to take her off to Joondalup Health Campus. She has been through a series of scans on her leg which we haven't had the results of yet, I hope it isn't too serious (I mean requiring surgery as she has had too much of that over the last few years) we need her fit and healthy because she is the glue which holds our family. We all adore her.

My mum is too funny, while calling me from the emergency room she asked me to have Miho's kiddies tomorrow afternoon (Mum usually has them while Miho goes to school) she also enquired whether or not I'd purchased an outfit to wear to a wedding we are all going to on Saturday. Only a mother can remember to check on such things while laying in the emergency room. I assured her I had found an outfit and for a change it was the absolute truth... people who know me well know how much I really H-A-T-E clothes shopping.

When I got off the phone to Mum I called Miho to organise having the kids and she told me that while all this was going on with our Mum... across town... my brother got stung by a bee. He is allergic to bee stings so he headed around the corner to the medical center where the doctor promptly phoned for an ambulance to cart him off to Royal Perth Hospital where they pumped him full of all sorts of lovely antihistamines. I hope they gave him an epi-pen to carry around this time. Each sting he gets results in a worse reaction. I called back later in the evening to see if I could pick Seth up from the hospital to discover he had already caught a taxi and was just arriving home. I am glad he could come home so quickly, and I hope he is feeling ok soon... I've only got one sibling so I am very happy he stays safe and sound.

Golly gosh what a day!!! Thank goodness we all have Ambulance insurance in our family.

I am crossing my fingers and toes that this is the end of our ambulance adventures... and I am touching wood too!

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  1. I'm glad things although topsy-turvy, seem to be with a happy ending.