Saturday, 23 April 2011

Amigurumi Wedding Gift

I made these love birds for our friends Suzie and Jono's wedding (which is happening on Easter Saturday). I think they are so cute. I got the pattern here. They came together quite well after a some failed attempts. I chose purple for the embellishments because that is the colour theme for the wedding.

Being very new to crochet I still don't know all the stitch names. This pattern is also written a little differently to other 3 projects I have made so I needed to get my head around that too. Initially I let that negative voice in my head (that tells me all the things I can't do) win so I tried a more simple pattern from Lion. It didn't look as cute as I hoped. So I made the flower and hat embellishments to try them on the other pattern but it still wasn't cute. Then the little encouraging voice in my head (the very quiet, shy one) whispered to just give the pattern I wanted to use a try because I had the yarn, I could pull it all out even if it didn't work and perhaps I should look to the Internet to find out what the terms I didn't know meant.  These are the first Amigurumi that I have added the toy eyes to... they are trickier than the crocheting.

I'm glad I've decided to listen to my positive self talk more often because I'd never have even tried this project otherwise. As I focus on turning my internal dialogue around to be more positive I am finding that I actually can do almost everything I try... I wonder why it took me almost 40 years to realise it.

Other crafting:
My thimble is still underway... I will try to get it finished this weekend and post it early next week. I'm also aiming to make 3 little Amigurumi Easter eggs for the kids in our family.

Also I woke up to homemade waffles this morning. Mr W, 9 years old, made them on his own... and they actually worked out, tasted delicious and the kitchen was still tidy. 11 out of 10 my boy. Here they are.

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