Thursday, 14 April 2011

Cosmo Temari Books and now Cosmo Pearl 5 Threads

I addition to stocking KYO Rayon temari thread I'm glad to announce that I have secured Cosmo Perle No5 threads to sell here in Australia. It is very exciting news and while I have only a small range (about 70 shades) to start with I will be expanding the colour selections going forwards. I want you to try them out so until the end of April 2011 I'm offering these beautiful threads at the awesome "try me" price of just $2.00 each.  This offer only applies to in stock colours. From May 1st the regular selling price will be $2.60.

If you've never heard of this thread here's what you need to know:
Lecien has been marketing COSMO threads since 1950. Today COSMO holds the No.1 position of total thread sales in the Japanese market.
COSMO is the brand of thread used in many Japanese temari pattern books including the Cosmo 1-7 series of temari books. COSMO threads are strong but soft and resistant to tangling, this makes them delightful to stitch with. The superior dyeing techniques used by Leicen have created threads that have an amazing level of color retention.

There are just over 250 colours in this range and they are simply gorgeous. Our price (even our regular price) makes them much better value than DMC or Anchor skeins and the threads are of equal, if not better, quality. The skeins are 25m in length and are a 2 ply single strand made with 100% cotton.

The colours numbers highlighted with blue in the store colour charts are in stock, all other colours may be requested but could take several weeks to arrive.

I have been using this thread for a while now and my most recent completed project was the Stitch for Japan temari.


  1. Will you ship to the USA? Do you accept PayPal?

  2. Hi Gloria,
    Yes I can ship threads to USA, but I don't have preset fees for shipping outside of Australia. I only charge whatever the post office fee is, and I will send an additional invoice for the postage amount when it's all packed and ready to send. Yes I accept paypal.