Thursday, 21 April 2011

Yubinuki making again

My last few attempts at making Yubinuki have ended in frustration due to the mold I had been using. Actually there was nothing wrong with the mold, the problem was with the marking paper on top of the mold. You see my ability to divide on the tiny scale required by Yubinuki is not wonderful. I can divide 8 sections onto a 6cm circumference, I can even manage to make a 12 section division ok but now that I have been making beads the circumference has gone down to 3.3cm... this is very small indeed... particularly for someone as measurement challenged as me.

I was fiddling with my publisher program yesterday to try to make some much more evenly divided marking papers to wrap around my mold core and made an interesting and accidental discovery. I was adding lines measuring from the left ruler and pulled across a guide line. What was that? I'd never seen it before so I did the same thing again and out came another guide line. Wow! Now I tried to get them evenly spaced.... grrr... I am so challenged with this.

A little later I right clicked a line sitting near a guide line to try to copy it... guess what a little box came up that allowed me to place the guide line in a definite measurement from the left side of the paper. I had stumbled on the answer to my prayers. Being self taught on most things to do with the computer I occasionally stumble on some marvellous feature I'd never expected to exist. So after several hours of calculating all the divisions I wanted to make and placing guidelines I have a wonderful set of correctly measured division papers to fit around my mold. I started using a 11 division paper and must say it is working beautifully. This proves my long suspected theory that my measuring, not my stitching, was to blame for all those Yubinuki that just didn't turn out right.

I haven't quite finished this Yubinuki so I'm not showing it today but I will get it done and add it to a post soon.

Patricia asked if this set of guides would work for any other size than the 3.3cm they were specifically made for. The quick answer is no not really unless you did a lot of fiddling to ensure that the paper was stretched and printed to your exact size requirements. Too much like hard work I think. But click over here to see how Chloe Patricia from Mamercerie does hers. This is great when your marking paper remains inside the thimble (therefore you need a new one for every project) but mine sits on top of the mould - between the mould and the bias tape- so I can reuse it over and over again. Also I am working on a very small scale length here.


  1. Would your divisions work on any size or only your 3.3cm mold?
    Thanks, Pat

  2. If you could get them to print to a particular size they would work. The Yubinuki and Termari book actually has marking guides in the back to help you make your own guides for almost any size thimble but 3.3cm is too small for the guides in the book to work so I came up with these. Marmercerie has another excellent way to do it here