Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday

Aaaah it's Easter Sunday aka Family day. This afternoon we will have a family get together which is always the most wonderful treat.

Yesterday we went to a wedding, the bride was beautiful, as all brides tend to be, and I shed several little tears because this bride holds a special place in my heart. You see many years ago when she and her brother were young children, I worked as their nanny. I can't count the number of swimming races and bike contests I timed for them or how many sheets of cookies we baked during that time. I introduced them to all thing Japanese after I returned from living in Japan. When Suzie was 8 years old I promised that if I ever got married she would be my brides maid, and lucky for me when we married several years ago she came home from Japan to do just that. Here is a pic of the gorgeous couple... the photo simply doesn't do justice to them, but it was the best I could take through my happy tears.

Our families have always been close, we are in contact all through the year and have spent many Christmases together.

The ceremony was lovely, the reception dinner was stunning - what more could you expect when the groom is a chef. I was surprised that on the reception tables there were kissing lovebird cutouts on top of all the glasses... I knew a little about the colour theme and flowers (I gave Suzie the name of the wonderful florist that did my wedding flowers) in advance but I must have had my psychic hat on when I decided to make the amigurumi lovebirds as part of my gift.

Also in related news: There was a round of betting taken on how long the Best Man's speech would be at the reception... My DH won at 6min 28sec there was a little bit more than $50 in the pot... DH and I have donated it to the Japanese Red Cross relief appeal. If you'd also like to make a donation the link is at the top of this page... my brothers personal fundraising is just short of $5,000.

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