Friday, 11 March 2011

Northern Japan Earthquake including Updates

My girlfriend Louise (from Christchurch) has just called to tell me there has been a 8.7 earthquake in North Eastern Japan, and an up to 10 metre tsunami has inundated some of the coastal areas. Oh my goodness!

Miho's family lives in Tokyo, Odaiba and Chiba have caught fire, a massive tsunami has hit Sendai, 4 million people are without power. We are all very scared for her family and friends and for the friends we have all made in Japan.

The JTA is located in Tokyo and we are praying for everyone to be safe. Japan does have regular community disaster drills and we pray that this will help limit injuries and fatalities.

Please join me in praying for the country of Japan and her citizens.

10pm WST Update: Miho has finally got a message from Her Mother and Sister, they are both safe, Miho's Father and Grandmother can't be contacted yet. My good friend's sister (who lives in Yokohama) is also safe so we have some blessings in our circle. Yokohama is close to the JTA museum.
I know that Japan is one of the most disaster prepared countries in the world, I know that Japanese people are calm and efficient when disasters occur I hope that all your preparations can save many of your country men and women.

Please keep praying with me for Japan and her citizens.

11pm WST Update: Miho's Parents, Sister and Grandmother are all safe and sound. We couldn't be more grateful for such welcome news.

Please keep praying with me for Japan and her citizens.

If you are able to assist with a donation please visit Redcross.

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