Saturday, 12 March 2011

Is it luck or something else?

I am sure there isn't anyone who hasn't heard the news of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami this week. Overnight there was a large Earthquake in Niigata prefecture where my sister in laws elderly grandparents and other relavites live.

My Sister in Law, regular readers know how much we all adore our Miho, grew up in Tokyo and when initial reports were broadcast we heard that the roof collapsed on school graduation hall with maybe 600 people inside. Oh my goodness, Miho's Mother is a school teacher there and my first hope and prayer was that she was safe and not involved. Luckily for our family it was not her school, but today when I visited Miho and Seth's home, after watching the always gorgeous Miss D's swim class, Seth was looking at pictures of the earthquake destruction on the Internet. He had discovered this morning that it was actually the graduation hall for the school he was working at when he lived in Japan, many people were injured and 2 people died. If Seth and Miho had not come back to Australia to live my brother would have been underneath that large pile of rubble that used to be a ceiling in that hall. He pointed out in the picture how the layout would be and where the various classes would be seated for the ceremony. I felt a sharp icicle of fear when he pointed to an area and said "There! See right there that's where my students and I would have been sitting." He told me that his very good friend (also a teacher at this school) is safe but he doesn't know about all the other coworkers and students. I really do hope they are all safe.
I thank my lucky stars that my only sibling, my brother and his wonderful wife and gorgeous kids are here with us.

I know that temari makers, become temari makers through an affiliation with Japan, living there, having family there etc or we make many friends as we continue our temari Journey.

There are many in our community still desperate to make contact with friends and loved ones in Japan. I hope you can receive happy and comforting news soon. My thoughts are with you all and we continue to hope and pray you and the people of Japan.

If you are able please make a donation to help at Redcross.

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  1. We must be brother and sister as I set this up today.... Thanks....I love you my awesome sis.