Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My first Kanzashi flower

What is Kanzashi? Basically it is a hair accessory. Hana Kanzashi is a Floral Kanzashi.

My friend Louise gave me this beautiful one that she purchased at a craft show at Christmas (I gave her a silk Yubinuki bead necklace that I made). I was instantly fascinated by them and did some research on the Internet, I got a Kanzashi book from the Library this week - it is such a popular title and I ordered it in early January - I've already ordered a copy from Amazon.

Like temari the art of making Kanzashi is at risk of dying out as the masters are older and many no longer take on new apprentices. Thank goodness for folk who take an interest in these older creative pursuits and strive to breathe new life into them.

I love that I can use fabric scraps and old buttons or beads to make them. Yet another reason I am so glad I keep all the little offcuts when I am working.

When I meet people and they ask me what I 'do' I always tell them I make Japanese craft and supplies. This wasn't always strictly true (I used to only make temari) but these days I think there is much more truth to that broad statement... Temari, Yubinuki, Kanzashi... let's face it Japanese crafting has got me hooked.


  1. Oh my, we are on the same wavelength! I've just started making these too. I picked up a book after scouring the internet. I hope to stitch some mini temari to attach to the center. Kanzashi are so easy - such a fun way to use up scraps from all sorts of projects.
    You should try washi eggs next. Gooey fun!

  2. I've been following a Kanzashi maker on Flickr for quite some time, beautiful eye candy:

    I've not yet found time, but have all my supplies lined up in a drawer!!

    Over this past weekend I started with beaded Kumihimo, showed my brother a picture of a Marudai when I was in Albuquerque this morning. He called me up this afternoon and told me he's got one all made for me and I can pick it up this weekend!! (Nice to have a brother who can work a miracle with a little bit of wood!)

    Must be something in the air??!!