Wednesday, 16 March 2011

How you can help.

Perth residents are gearing up to help Japan in their time of need. Given our family's long association with Japan we are all keen to help however we can.

Today my brother has set up a red cross site and is aiming to raise $50,000 to get vital supplies into those areas needing help. Here is a screenshot of his site. Every little bit helps out, even if you can only spare a few dollars.

Also a group of Japanese volunteers will be attending the swap market at Karrinyup Shopping Center on Sunday, we are all donating various goods to sell and all proceeds will be donated to Red Cross for Japan. The address is 200 Karrinyup Road, Karrinyup. The market will commence at 6:30 am and run until 11:30 am, there will be several volunteers shaking a tin for this cause too. Further information on this activity can be requested from 040 353 0928. Miho will be attending this event and as I cannot attend I will donate some goods including some temari items.

This weekend I am running a private two day temari workshop for a lace makers group in South Perth. I will donate a percentage of my earnings from this weekend to Red Cross for Japan.

I want to challenge you to help out too. 

Sometimes we see images of this type of destruction and become frozen with shock by them.

We wonder what can we do? We all want to help but some people cannot afford to send any money.

Can you make a cup of tea? Yes? I ask you to have a coffee morning, or afternoon tea with your work place or at home with your neighbours and simply ask for a one or two dollar donation... everyone loves home baked goodies and baking off a few trays of cookies or a cake or two from your pantry supplies is a great and inexpensive way to help.

Are you crafty? Yes of course you are. Do you have an Etsy account or other handmade goods selling store site? How about advertising in your listings that until the end of the month you'll donate a portion of your sales (or an entire sale). Make sure to offer the buyers a receipt from the registered charity you are sending the donation to.

Can you organise a free dress day at your kids school or your own work place? Our school has a uniform but on special days they allow the students to come in free dress with a $1 or $2 donation to a named charity. I have also worked for many companies that allow their staff to wear themed outfits on certain days when they give a donation.

Get your thinking caps on and you'll soon find many more ways you can help out within your budget. The most important thing is to make sure you put the DO into donation.

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