Monday, 7 March 2011

Meet the new girls... aka last girls to join our flock

Well we got our last two chickens last Saturday. They are blue or green egg laying Auracanas more or less. We have a pure black one... which Mr W has named Vegemite, and a lavender/silky cross which is... well... lavender coloured I guess. The lavender one has had 4 names so far: Lavi, Laverne (but no one would change the black ones name to Shirley to match and when I thought about it having chickens named Laverne and Shirley would really show my age), Toast (because vegemite goes with toast) but the name that seems to have stuck is Toto. Why Toto? Because the silky mama has passed on her double backwards facing toe to our chicken so she has two toes back there... as in Toetoe. That's it for buying chickens because we have officially run out of good names to call them. Here is a picture.

They are living in the tractor for now... I did try Vegemite out in the coop but in a nanosecond Itchy and Scratchy were pecking her all over and as I reopened the door Vegemite raced under it and jumped up into my arms for protection. I had to give her a gentle hug for about 10 minutes until she settled down again. When did I become the chicken hugging woman??? I wouldn't dream of putting them altogether again for at least a month. But we might try Andy and Lusia with them and move Itchy and Scratchy into the tractor.

Because of the heat our two laying hens have stopped providing us with their yummy eggs. I am hopeful that they will begin laying again soon. How bad is it to have 6 hens in the back yard and still need to go to the grocery store to buy eggs?!! With any luck we will have 20 or more eggs a week from our 6 girls when they are all old enough to lay (in the not too distant future)

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