Friday, 4 March 2011

10 more temari... bases

This last week has absolutely zoomed by. How can it be Friday tomorrow already?

We are right back into all our routines now... for me that means wake up, feed family, get dressed, pack lunches, take W to school, listen to morning reading with W's classmates, come home, check and feed the chickens, feed and hug the dogs, make sure all feathered furred and finned animals have enough water, water the pot plants, wash the dishes, put on a load of washing, wonder how that fly got into the house, feed the pond fish, collect chicken eggs, make sure the tractor chickens are in the shade and then finally start doing what I actually want  to do.

So what did I actually want to do today? Did you really need to ask? You know me by now... of course the answers was make temari.

Uh oh, small problem, where has all my pre-wrapped bases gone? Could I have really stitched them all up? Unbelievably the answer is yes. So I had a mari wrapping party today. I wrapped ten 30cm bases in all sorts of 'jewel' colours. There is turquoise blue, ruby red, amethyst purple, aquamarine blue, citrine yellow, pink diamond, pearl white, peridot green, magenta sapphire and brown jasper. You can see from the photo I am very much intent on breaking with my usual colour persuasions. I like to see the plain bases in the bowl.

I also found two small bases that were wrapped in dark blue and black yarn so I covered them in navy blue thread... so I made 12 temari bases today.


  1. The colors are beautiful!!!

  2. Do you sell your mari bases? I am having soooo much trouble sourcing these.


  3. Hi Caroline,
    About the bases, if you email me at I can try to help you with acquiring bases.