Monday, 14 March 2011

Handbags... just hanging around

This week I made two cute little handbags for my Mum. The fabrics were left overs from four cushion covers I had made for my Mum to pass along to her friend's daughter. I also had made the young girl a fabric covered journal with the scraps, and still had just a little left over. The fabric is from Ikea.

I took photos before I gave the first two bags to my Mum but the pictures were too dodgy so I had to make another one for this post. Actually this one isn't quite so cute, but that is probably because it was made with the last little scraps of these fabrics so the flap fabric wasn't so cute. I think I will give it to my Mum to go along with the other two.

They really are tiny, my son is being helpful by holding it so you can see the scale. My own hand just barely goes through the handle loop.

I think the set is totally adorable and they are filled with scented goodies so they can hang around and make the place smell lovely.

I really need to find a few more hours in the day... maybe I should stop sleeping altogether.

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